The controller is designed for control of SDR transceiver Tulip. It can work with the analog version, and with DDC 
It utilizes a modern microprocessor STM32F407ZGT, allowing to quickly process information and display it on the 7 inch 800 x 480 resolution.

With the DSP board , the controller communicates over the SPI bus.

To store information, use external memory FRAM and registers BKP with a source of independent power supply.
For this module on the SPI bus can connect an external frequency synthesizer for analog version, currently implemented synthesizer support to AD9951-AD9954.
There is a sufficient number of connectors on the controller board to connecting peripherals.
Transceiver is controlled via the display Touch, as by means of an external analog keypad.

The controller is equipped with four tuning knob, one of which controls the frequency and the values ​​and menu options, equipped with two multi-function buttons.

20150508_140112The controller has a user-friendly interface for easy operation with the transceiver Tulip. The display provides a graphical view of the waterfall, with the help of which it is very convenient to see and monitor station running on the range in a review of 48 kHz band. 
All parameters of the transceiver, which can be changed, passed in the settings menu. The menu Ungrouped into categories and intuitive.

Firmware for the analog version of the transceiver tulip free.

For controller firmware registration and DSP, DDC version Tulip, you need to buy the activation key of the processor.

Читайте Read the activation instructions.


The controller can be connected to displays 800×480 5 “, 7” or 8 “(not tested by me) with the processor RA8875. The following links are provided on the manufacturer’s website:


Personally, I tested the displays 5 “and 7”.

8 “on the functional responses of users from Poland, so if you want to buy it then you will act at their own risk.

When you purchase the display on the site and choose the interface «FFC Connection 8080”, suitable for you touch panel and 3.3V voltage supply.

Other display types are not supported and cannot guarantee the correct operation of the controller, including other manufacturers.

Recommended to use the encoder:

The main tuning knob to 400 pulses – link.






Additional tuning knob with a button – link.




Link to discussion of the topic in a friendly site CQHAM.RU